Workshop on critical sustainability: an exploration of opportunities and challenges

Marianne Araneta, Diego Posada and Alessio Surian

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Friday, May 19, 2023 h. 16:30-18:30


What does sustainability mean to us? What does it mean to those in our vicinity? How can we transform ourselves and those around us towards a more sustainable and regenerative way of life? One of the challenges of dealing with sustainability is that there is no single definition for the word and oftentimes it is entangled with other concepts, depending on the context. However, what seems to be clear from the current research and practices dealing with sustainability is the need for a transformation. Such a transformation can be stimulated by engaging a person’s head, hands, heart and even feet, to impact their practical, political, and personal spheres.

The aim of this free and open workshop is to unpack the complexity of sustainability and help participants unravel the meaning behind the concept by tapping into their individual yet situated experience. This workshop would serve as a space for diverse voices to explore, question, and share. At the end of the workshop participants will have been exposed to a wide range of views and perspectives, which might enrich and inspire their own transformational journey. 


Marianne Araneta -

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Via Beato Pellegrino, 28 (Giardino di fronte alla biblioteca), Padova