Journalism and science: narratives of climate change

Fondazione Cmcc - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui cambiamenti climatici


Wednesday, May 10, 2023 h. 15:30-16:30


Reporters, scientists, data visualization designers: public awareness of climate change calls for close collaboration among many skills, disciplines and knowledge. This Foresight dialogue brings together the expertise in reporting climate change in newspapers and digital media with the point of view of a scientist that takes part in the most comprehensive review on climate sciences, such as the Ipcc assessment report, and collaborates with visual designers to co-create data visualization and provide accessible information to understand complex content.

The event is part of “Foresight Dialogues”, the online events series in which writers, artists, journalists, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs discuss the role of communication, in its various forms, in accelerating the climate transition. The Foresight dialogues series is organised in the context of the Cmcc climate change communication award initiative.



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